The Challenge

  • High acquisition costs

  • Low conversion rates
  • Limited geographical reach
  • Low student admission rates


New leads


cost reduced


leads generated

The Process

  • Conducted industry research to identify potential audience and transactional keywords
  • Targeted potential audience using transactional keywords
  • Optimized landing pages to improve user experience and increase conversions
  • Tracked proper conversions to measure effectiveness of campaigns
  • Improved on-page experience and added related keywords for SEO
  • Created high DA industry-related backlinks to improve website ranking
  • Optimized strategy based upon competitor research

The Results

  • Reduced acquisition costs 85% per lead
  • Increased conversion rate by 4x
  • Generated 5x more leads
  • Expanded targeted location from one city to half the country
  • Increased overall traffic by 3x
  • Ranked for an additional 500 keywords
  • Increased student admission rate by 200%


We were able to reduce acquisition costs and increase leads for by implementing an effective digital marketing strategy. By conducting industry research and targeting potential audience using transactional keywords, We were able to optimize landing pages, improve on-page experience, and create high DA industry-related backlinks. These efforts helped to reduce acquisition costs by 85%, increase conversion rates, and generate 5x more leads. Additionally, the targeted location expanded from only one city to half the country, overall traffic increased by 3x, and the student admission rate increased by 200%.

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